About us

The Christchurch Brick Shop is a family business based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The store was founded in 2007. As a budding teenage LEGO fan at the time, Sam wanted to get his hands on collectable LEGO sets which he couldn’t find in New Zealand stores. He soon found ways of bringing these sets into New Zealand, and before long, found that there were a wide range of people wanting these same collectable sets. Starting out by selling some extra sets on Trademe, this small business gradually became a bigger business sourcing collectable and out of production LEGO sets from all over the world.

For many years, Sam traded as “Sam’s Brick Store” with a pop-up shop at the Christchurch Brick Show, and “BrickmanSam” on Trademe. You can still find us on Trademe here

In 2020, we entered a new era. With a growing family, we found that running the shop was an excellent form of flexible work to manage while having the kids at home. We decided to grow the shop and rebrand to the “Christchurch Brick Shop”. We leverage expertise of LEGO and e-commerce to bring in the most wanted LEGO sets from all over the world.

We’ve got a huge range at competitive prices, so check out our range today!